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F-Gas Inspections

Quality Control

Air Conditioning systems contain refrigerant gasses which fall under the F-Gas regulation. There is a legal requirement for owners of this type of equipment that concerns the recovery of refrigerants, record keeping, new plant labeling and testing to check for leaks.

Refrigerants must only be recovered by properly certified persons, refrigerant leakage must be prevented and leaks repaired without delay. Global Air Conditioning Services are fully qualified to handle and safely recover refrigerants.

Requirements to test for leakages depends upon the system and its F-gas usage:

  • a system with less than 3 kgs of F-gas refrigerants requires no testing
  • a system with between 3-30 kgs of F-gas refrigerants requires testing once a year
  • a system with between 30-300 kgs of F-gas refrigerants requires testing twice a year
  • a system with greater than 300 kgs of F-gas refrigerants requires testing every 3 months

Equipment with 300 kg or more of F gases must be fitted with a leakage detection system, which on detection, alerts the operator. The detection system must be checked at least once a year to ensure proper functioning.

You can find more information on F-Gas regulations on the website below:

As part of our services we offer annual refrigerant leak testing and the associated legal paperwork. Please get in touch should you require our services.

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